Here is a more detailed curriculum vitae.


Year of birth: 1977
Place of birth: Vöcklabruck, Austria
Country of Citizenship: Austria


[04/2003] Doctoral degree (PhD – summa cum laude) in Philosophy with a doctoral dissertation in Philosophy of Science supervised by G. Schurz

[08/2000 – 07/2002] Graduate studies in PhilosophyUniversity of Erfurt, Germany [05/2000] Graduation (MA – with excellence) in Philosophy (major) and German Philology and General Linguistics (minor) with a master’s thesis in Logic supervised by P. Weingartner and J. Czermak

[09/1996 – 05/2000] Undergraduate studies in Philosophy, German Philology, General Linguistics, and Mathematics, University of Salzburg, Austria

Academic Positions

[07/2017 – ] Associate Professor, Department of PhilosophyUniversity of Toronto, Canada

[09/2017 – ] Affiliate, Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and TechnologyUniversity of Toronto, Canada

[01/2013 – 06/2017] Assistant Professor, Department of PhilosophyUniversity of Toronto, Canada

[01/2008 – 12/2013] Director of the Emmy Noether Junior Research Group Formal Epistemology,Zukunftskolleg and Department of PhilosophyUniversity of Konstanz, Germany

[04/2008 – 03/2009] Professor of Philosophy and Philosophy of Science, University of Konstanz, Germany

[09/2007 – 12/2007] Visiting Researcher, Department of Logic and Philosophy of ScienceUniversity of California at Irvine, and Research Associate, California Institute of Technology

[09/2005 – 08/2007] Ahmanson Postdoctoral Instructor in Philosophy, California Institute of Technology

[09/2002 – 08/2005] Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Philosophy, Probability, and Modeling Group led by L. Bovens and S. HartmannCenter for Junior Research Fellows,University of Konstanz, Germany

[08/2000 – 07/2002] Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Chair for Philosophy of Science and Logic (G. Schurz), University of Erfurt, Germany

[07/1999 – 07/2000] Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Department of Philosophy of Science, International Research Center, Salzburg, Austria

Selected Awards and Grants

  • University of Toronto Nominee 2014 for a New Directions Fellowship of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  • FAS bridge funding (approx. CAD 15K); SIG Award 2021 (approx. CAD 1K), 2018 (approx. CAD 4K), 2017 (approx. CAD 2K), 2016 (approx. CAD 2K), 2015 (approx. CAD 3K), 2014 (approx. CAD 1K), 2013 (approx. CAD 2K); departmental funding for Ergo and other items (approx. CAD 15K)
  • SSHRC Insight Grant 2014-2019, approx. CAD 92K
  • Connaught New Researcher Award 2014-2016, approx. CAD 10K
  • YSF grant for a project in Formal Epistemology, approx. EUR 45K
  • GAP grant for the Workshops with Jeffrey A. Barrett and the Workshops with Joseph Y. Halpern (Konstanz, June 2011)
  • Zukunftskolleg grant for PhD student, approx. EUR 25K
  • Grant from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation for the Causation, Coherence, and Concepts workshop, with W. Freitag, H. Sturm, and A. Zinke, approx. EUR 6K
  • Grant from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation for the Formal Epistemology Workshop 2010, with P. Broessel and B. Hoffmann, approx. EUR 10K
  • Zukunftskolleg grant for the Causation, Coherence, and Concepts conference (Konstanz, November 2010), with W. Freitag, approx. EUR 7K
  • GAP grant for the Formal Epistemology Workshop 2010 (Konstanz, September 2010)
  • Zukunftskolleg grant for the Formal Epistemology Workshop 2010, approx. EUR 15K
  • Zukunftskolleg grant for visiting professor, approx. EUR 5K
  • Zukunftskolleg grant for the Konstanz-Leuven Series in Formal Epistemology 2009, approx. EUR 9K
  • Zukunftskolleg grant for the Monthly Monday Meetings 2009, approx. EUR 5K
  • YSF grant for a project in Formal Epistemology, approx. EUR 9K
  • GAP grant for the First Formal Epistemology Festival (Konstanz, July 2008)
  • Grant from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation for the First Formal Epistemology Festival, approx. EUR 10K
  • ZWN grant, approx. 18K
  • DFG Emmy Noether Program, approx. EUR 700K
  • ZWN grant for PhD student, approx. EUR 7K
  • Wolfgang Stegmüller Award 2006 for ”Assessing Theories, Bayes Style”
  • DFG grant for the Degrees of Belief conference (Konstanz, July 2004), with C. Schmidt-Petri, approx. EUR 7K
  • KIP grant of the Upper Austrian Government (2000-2002)
  • Dr. Heinrich Gleißner grant 1998, 1999, 2000
  • Grant of Honour (Humanities), University of Salzburg 1998, 1999, 2000
  • Grant of Honour (Natural Sciences), University of Salzburg 1999


Prof. Luc BovensLondon School of Economics

Prof. Branden FitelsonNortheastern University

Prof. Alan HájekAustralian National University

Prof. James M. JoyceUniversity of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Prof. Wolfgang SpohnUniversity of Konstanz